AGOV AND CLUBRARE COMMUNITY: Realworld to the Metaverse. Real-world luxury, NFT convenience

The Club rare is World’s First NFT based E-Commerce stage meaning to interface this present reality economy to the computerized economy. The objective of AGOV and Club rare is to assist individuals with tracking down the suitable worth of attractive items in the real economy.

Club Rare is the main Premium Select Shop that associates disconnected actual merchandise with NFT in the blockchain. You can really contact it or appreciate it in the metaverse world.

AGOV gives a chance to take part in the rare thing sale of ClubRare NFT Marketplace, where can only meet an assortment of rare things that are hard to acquire.

The DAO (Decentralized autonomous organization) administration can take part in a significant dynamic in the AGOV token economy. It is additionally associated with DeFi, giving critical freedoms to produce income, like mining Lazy Leo Club NFT with unique forces.


It is a known fact today across the world that a lot of people find it difficult most time to get awareness about new release products in the marketplace as a result of uneven information circulation. The AGOV and ClubRare are here to bring solutions to those problems to assist individuals with tracking down the fitting worth of attractive items in the real economy.


Imbalance of chance because of data unevenness

Items don’t discover fitting worth in the economy of this present reality as a result of data deviation. At the point when a decent item went to the market, just a few gatherings had the data only. Hence, data couldn’t be spread to countless people, and numerous people regularly couldn’t get an opportunity to utilize a decent item.

Failure brought about by partitioned data

Data were dispersed because of actual limits and the isolated business sectors among nations and organizations. In this interaction, data couldn’t be conveyed productively, and it was hard to track down proper purchasers. This failure kept the item from being assessed appropriately.


Productive and straightforward framework

The new framework is currently required for an enormous number of people. It ought to permit each person to have a chance to get to it and keep the data from coursing only. We need a straightforward, solid, and effectively available framework. AGOV gives this framework.

Start with a restricted version item

The issues of data unevenness and shortcomings are more articulated for restricted release items. Since just restricted amounts of restricted version items are accessible, it is was considerably simpler for a little gathering to corner data.

AGOV marketplace will begin with the exchanging of restricted version items and extend to food fixings, living, design, and high worth-added data.


Redeemable NFT

AGOV associates the economy of this present reality and the computerized economy through the redeemable NFT innovation. The market has different players who need to own the item furthermore, who need to contribute to it too. The redeemable NFT innovation of AGOV fulfils the players who need to contribute to it by expanding the chance of exchanging and the people who need to own it simultaneously.


It straightforwardly presents the exchanging status among players and the exchanging circumstance. Shared trust can be gotten attributable to straightforward data.

Quick market value disclosure through quick exchanging

It is feasible to save time and cost brought about by physical restrictions. It is likewise conceivable to track down the right cost-effectively and rapidly. As an item rapidly shapes a market value, dealers get ideal returns and financial backers get returns rapidly.

Connecting the digital economy and the economy of the real world

As the disconnected market economy is changed into the blockchain market, the data will be associated all the more rapidly and straightforwardly


AGOV is the native token of the AGOV platform and is built on ERC-20 smart contract network.

Total supply : 1,000,000,000 AGOV

Smart Contract: (Ethereum, ERC-20)

Ticker: AGOV

Decimals: 18

AGOV Token Distribution

40% Partners

20% Liquidity mining

18% Platform Treasury

10% Evangelist Program

10% Private Investors

2% DEV Fund

Utility of AGOV tokens

  • AGOV holders can present recommendations and decisions on AGOV stages that the AGOV group can create or carry out.
  • AGOV permits AGOV token holders to decide in favour of introducing their viewpoints.
  • AGOV holders can communicate their goal to follow by deciding in favour of items that are destined to be or have been exchanged on the AGOV platform.
  • AGOV holders may unpredictably get AirDrops as per the idea of the occasion that is led by the AGOV platform.


ClubRare is a distinct advantage for makers and brands as it sets out open doors for anybody to connect actual merchandise with NFTs. Utilizing this platform, the participation community of Gen-Z substantial authorities will foster a community ecosystem among craftsmen, brands and dealers.





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