AQARCHAIN.IO: The First Decentralized Real Estate NFT Marketplace

Since the advent of blockchain technology, a lot of industries have embraced innovation and found out how the technology can be a great help to improve their daily activities and improve life. Industries across the world have found out to be doing perfectly well with technology. For an instant, the gaming sector, financial sector, educational sector, Healthcare sector, cryptocurrency exchange sector and the startup sector have been seen to be doing well with the technology. Aside from the blockchain technology, these Industries are quick to adopt new technologies for perfect performance that bring uncommon growth to the sector unlike real estate that is slow to adaptability

The real estate sector has been so slow to always adapt to new technology around. Blockchain technology has not been maximums to take full control over the real estate industry despise the great potentials of the technology. The real estate sector is now set to be disrupted by the introduction of blockchain innovation. There will be greater and enormous opportunities in the real estate sector if the sector embraces the combination of blockchain technology and smart contract.

The AqarChain is set to maximumise this opportunity to introduce and become the frontline in the proptech and fintech real estate by establishing digital investment ecosystems in the sector. The new ecosystems will allow users to explore the real estate sector in a new way. The paradigm shift in the real estate investors will offer the investors direct access to the new and lucrative asset classes to add their investment portfolios. The team of this project has already designed two platforms that are running parallel on different domains with look-alike technology architecture, but different governance frameworks.


The Aqarchain is a blockchain-based real estate platform fully intent on establishing a decentralized ecosystem where real estate investing is pretty much as basic as investing in stock assets. The Smart Chain Information Technology Consultancy Ltd’s essential item is Aqarchain. The target of this item is to utilize Blockchain innovation to tokenize real estate assets.

As the platform deigned to tokenize the offers in the Properties, the Platform will give an additional layer of smart contract security. The Aqarchain Platform will make it simpler for Sellers and Investors to sell properties. Retail customers, Professional customers, and perhaps Market Counterparties will all be served by the Platform.


  • The Aqarchain Platform will work with the selling of Properties between different Sellers and Investors.

The Aqarchain Platform Token (AQR)

The AQR is the native token of the platform.

Total Supply: 100M Token

Blockchain: Tezos | Polygon

Token Type: FA1.2 | Pos Erc20

Token Protocol: Utility

Token Name: AQAR TOKEN

Token Symbol: AQR

Token Price: $0.35

AQR Token Sale

The project is on the current last phase of the sale. You can join this project and contribute to this project.



Aqarchain is a future making project and can change lives across the globe. This project is one of those few where you can invest & be confident of success. Near future, we will see Aqarchain on top in Crypto World. Expecting huge Return on the Aqarchain project.

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