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The Binance Smart Chain is the greatest blockchain after Ethereum. It has a lot less expensive charges but there are many traders out there that have no BNB sets recorded. In many spots, purchasing BNB is more muddled than it ought to be. This raises BNB cash first objective to have BNBCH as a couple on all trades that don’t have BNB matches and turn into the favoured option in contrast to BNB in places that don’t approach it — along these lines developing the span of the Binance Smart Chain significantly further. A definitive objective is to be recorded on Binance and turning into authority or even an informal option in contrast to BNB.

The subsequent objective is to make crypto simpler to use consistently, through the formation of an application that would have many capacities for working with exchanges that individuals would do over and over or consistently.


The BNB Cash is established by the BNB Fintech as a BNB substitution principally for trades that don’t have BNB’s essence. The BNB CASH is running on the BEP20 network, BNB Cash is quick, low in exchange expenses, and in particular, secure. With group painstakingly arranged financial plan, timetable, and benchmarks, they will guarantee that the genuine utility of the token can be opened. The team behind BNB Cash proposes a couple of true combinations and the platform has begun growing admirably. Their tasks are not restricted to conceivable outcomes as the market develops or as their community holders’ interest. These tasks will push BNB Cash to be one of the top utility tokens in the crypto space.


BNB Cash Wallet:

The BNB Cash wallet will be one simple access e-wallet for the holders to follow their focuses, spending conduct just as consistent buying/exchanging experience on trades, Cash Central, POS and surprisingly their debit cards. As the incorporation will be far more unique. It will be not difficult to utilize contrasted with right now accessible wallets out there that are hard to utilize. The Wallet will be novel, as it will be the home of a considerable lot of the proposed projects by the group. Financial backers will just need one application to get to all BNB Fintech improvements.

P2P Crypto Marketplace:

The principal invigorating thought of this venture is to make purchasing and selling simple for everybody across the world. Rather than a fiat commercial centre, it will be digital money distributed commercial centre. Inside the mixes, the thought is to empower selling, buying, and posting totally inside exchanges of BNB Cash. To tempt the clients to use BNB Cash inside the commercial centre application, there will be reference programs that will be presented close by discount frameworks that will be set up for effective buys for early listers to the application.

Early Investor Airdrop:

The reason for the airdrop is to invigorate early financial backers to constantly hold for a drawn-out period to guarantee there won’t be prompt dumps that could intrude on the liquidity just as the drawn-out dispatch of the venture.

It was planned by the group to distribute a sum of 3,850,000 tokens which is 1.5% of the absolute tokens to oblige this program. This is sufficient to oblige every early financial backer.

Debit Card:

It’s undeniably true that cryptocurrency is as yet not as broadly acknowledged as fiat. As BNB CASH changes, this would be ever. Until cryptocurrency turns into a standard all around the world, numerous holders would in any case encounter dissatisfaction or disillusionment when their favoured cryptographic money isn’t acknowledged. To overcome any issues between the accessibility of vendors who don’t acknowledge cryptographic money, BNB Cash might want to draw in with organizations like Simplex* so all instalment processors, for example, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and numerous others can change over your BNB Cash into any money the shipper wants!

Point-of-Sale System:

To help the exchange stream of BNB Cash, there is a proposed focus by the group for dealers to offer an across the board digital currency instalment arrangement inside the point-of-sale (POS) framework. The possibility of this new instalment arrangement targets establishing an ecosystem wherein both blockchain and Digital Currency innovation can and will be utilized day by day by everybody.


BNB Cash is the native token of BNB Fintech and it is running on the BEP20 network.


The NFT presale is starting today 18TH of September, 2021. You can visit the project website to invest in this wonderful project.

Token Prices

NFT presale price 0.0125/token

Launchpad sale price 0.0155/token

Pancakeswap price 0.0165/token


Total Supply: 200,000,000



I encourage everybody to think about this project. The possibility of Bnbfintech is far-reaching everywhere. Because of her magnificent team and the project great evaluations. The very best I wish and further turn of events. The project will help individuals throughout the planet to acquire payment for their investments, I like this project and it will bring great rewards for individuals, have the opportunity to partake in the project.

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