The Aurix Exchange platform designed to use blockchain technology to enhance cryptocurrency trading across the world. It was created to provide solutions for a lot of problems faced by traders during trading assets. Its central goal is to make the universe of cryptocurrencies more straightforward and easy to understand, so anybody could enter it. To accomplish this objective, they give individuals simple admittance to their crypto reserves, trade choices, and a lot more advantageous tech arrangements.

Their vision is that cryptocurrencies ought to be flawlessly actualized in the standard life and to make this vision a reality, they put forth a valiant effort to reclassify how crypto cash is being moved, spent, and contributed. They grew innovative arrangements that permit individuals and associations to utilize digital currencies as effectively as they use fiat. Subsequently, they desire to pull in more newbies and urge them to change to more straightforward and valuable crypto monetary administrations.


The CEO of the extraordinary undertaking is all around experienced in exchanging and programming advancement. As an accomplished trader for quite a long time, he examined plenty of issues merchants face during exchanging of digital currencies and study and exploration how this issue can be cut short from the cryptographic forms of money exchanging world. The following are four significant issues and their answers gave in the fixes of building up this extraordinary stage for trading cryptographic forms of money:

Low liquidity and transaction speed: The Aurix exchange has provided a solution for this problem by providing the most noteworthy liquidity with quick exchange execution, so clients can purchase and sell as numerous coins as they need access not exactly a second.

  1. Inherent complexity:

They create their solutions dependent on client improvement research, so they all have a natural plan with easy to use interface

High or hidden commissions:

The platform has provided the solution for this issue with All Aurix products have low predefined

commissions, so no secret expenses

Insecurity and untrustworthiness:

Aurix is worked with adherence to high-security norms. Aurix is blockchain-based, which protects exchanges, secure, and self-sufficient.


  • It is a platform built for its users to trade cryptocurrencies and as a result, the platform underpins a considerable lot of the most ordinarily exchanged digital currencies like BTC, ETH, and BCH, and offers high liquidity.
  • The platform provides the Visa/Mastercard Card with Defi cashback. This means that the platform permits cardholders to nonchalantly pay with crypto anyplace and whenever. Besides, the card doesn’t have yearly expenses.
  • The ecosystem serves as a solution for e-commerce and other businesses. They have an uncommon answer for e-commerce business and different organizations that might want to begin tolerating cryptographic forms of money. To make such exchanges simpler, Aurix has created interesting shop plug-in s that can fit in pretty much every framework.


The Aurix is committed to the possibility of making the universe of digital currencies as simple to enter and natural to execute in regular life, as to remove the fiat money from the wallet.

Aurix is a confident biological system of monetary administrations, completely based on the standards and the innovation of decentralized account. No matter what occurs, all exchanges will be executed, and the assets conveyed to their place of the objective. For more information about this project you can visit their website below:

· Website: https://www.aurix.exchange/

· Whitepaper: https://www.aurix.exchange/Aurix-Whitepaper.pdf

· Telegram: https://t.me/Aurixchat

· Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aurix.exchange/

· Twitter: https://twitter.com/aurixexchange

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