GISTCOIN: A New Audio Drop-In Monetization & Gamification Ecosystem Powered By Blockchain Technology


Many organizations across the world are indeed searching for the best option on how they can deal with their virtual specialists, gatherings, gatherings and other actual gatherings since last year when the pandemic issue hit the world hard. During the pandemic last year got the world by amazed influenced on how we completed our day by day exercises in our functioning spots and parties.

On account of the social distances in working spots and parties, many organizations or associations came about to utilizing web-based media stages to deal with their labourers that are telecommuting, the board meeting, gathering meeting and different gatherings that required actual contact. The vast majority of those web-based media were not compelling to address the issues of the issue right now. There were audio issues that hindered those gatherings and web associations issues that brings virtual issues because of the focal recorded arrangement of those platforms.

This is one of the reasons why the group of this venture came on board to plan Gistcoin that will stop those issues. Gistcoin is an immediate audio monetization and gamification platform fueled by Blockchain innovation that expects to put answers for this load of issues that are arising in the realm of social audio. The Gistcoin project is planned and made to give a state of the art answer for the issue of remunerating content makers and clients of informal communication applications, particularly the universe of direct sound discussions.


The Gistcoin is another monetization framework that has its own cryptographic money based token that goes about as a kind of electronic money that can be traded watchfully for advanced substance, items, and administrations, and afterwards, changed over into fiat cash. Gistcoin permits both web-based media content makers and web-based media clients to gamify and adapt their experience on sound discussion platforms like Clubhouse.

An eccentricity of the Gistcoin stage is its autonomous outsider trade that permits the instalment from the content purchaser to the content maker to be made with no delegate. The framework disposes of public lines and neighbourhood cash issues for the free progression of imaginative works. With GistCoin, content makers on informal communities would now be able to be repaid quickly through a blockchain-controlled digital currency that can be traded or changed over into cash utilizing trade. Thusly, content shoppers can likewise adapt their experience on those media by acquiring cryptographic forms of money for different exercises and utilizing the platform’s cash to get to the premium substance or content.


The ecosystem behind Gitcoin will be GistHouse, the first gamified and monetized audio discussion platform that will utilize the Gistcoin token $GIST as the trade cash and essential utility inside the ecosystem. GISTHOUSE will empower content makers and clients to make and distribute their substance or contents unto the organize and permit maker/client experience and instalments, just as give quick worth and utility to the platform clients and token holders throughout the planet.

Some of the direct and immediate ways that GISTCOIN/GISTHOUSE Project will address specific problems in the Social media community and include the following.


Token name: Gistcoin

Token symbol: GIST

Total supply: 1 ETH = 64,000 GIST

Network: Ethereum

Protocol: ERC-20

The token crowdsale is currently ongoing and you visit the to make your contributions.


▪ Idea Generation: APRIL 2021

▪ Concept Development: MAY/JUNE 2021

▪ Crowdsale Whitepaper Publication: SEPT 1ST, 2021

▪ GISTCOIN Wallet: September 15th, 2021

▪ Release of MVP Mockup — October 1st, 2021 Page12

▪ Crowdsale: 1st — 31 st OCT 2021

▪ Gisthouse Public Beta Testing Starts: OCT 15th, 2021

▪ Rollout Of Gisthouse Creator Rewards Program — Dec 1st, 2021

▪ Listing of Gistcoin on Crypto Exchanges [At Least 3]– DEC 1 ST, 2022

▪ Launching of Gistcoin Trading Platform [ JAN 1 st, 2022

▪ Gistcoin Acceptance Partner Expansion Campaign: Jan — Dec 2022

▪ Official Launching GistHouse Audio Drop-In Social Media Platform after Beta Testing — JUNE 1ST, 2022.


The objective of the Gistcoin token is to permit makers to open an economic community and influence new monetization techniques that work across various platforms.

The principal advantage of carrying GIST to your trade is that the Gistcoin group will give freedoms to extend sponsors to procure tokens that will give utility past exercises. They will likewise permit token holders to utilize their $GIST Tokens as cash to get to premium projects and pay for items and administrations presented by content proprietors on the GistHouse platform. As we can this is a competent project with great potential to change our social media community around for the better. Investing in this project will be great. The project has a formidable team that drives the project to have great success.

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