Himegami Protocol ($ KGR): The Japanese first decentralized protocol managing algorithmic stable tokens.


As the digital money market keeps on developing, crypto projects additionally keep on advancing further driving the advancement of the market. Up until now, we all have seen cryptocurrency projects with a decent inventory of Native tokens. A definitive point here has been to make shortages and drive crypto costs higher.

The Himegami Protocol group trust it’s the ideal opportunity for making a flexible stockpile of decentralized advanced monetary standards. KGR is one such unique and totally decentralized flexible inventory convention that expects to oblige the liquidity needs of the more extensive crypto market, and all the more critically, to tackle the issues of market controls or market manipulations.


The Himekami Protocol is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) project that plans to split away from centralized finance and fixing issues with existing stable coins. The Kagura Token (KGR) is the principal real stable token from Japan and stake with YEN.YEN is one of the most steady qualities on the planet. Omoikane Taken is the administration token for financial backer interest in the administration of money of KGR. The Himegami Protocol will be the most attractive stable token on the planet by working with a smart contract.

The addressable market for marked resources today is just under 5,000,000USD, KGR has a dream of taking over 10% share the entirety of the steady token, which implies the worth of KGR will be over a billion USD or more in “Absolute Value Unlocked (TVU)” for clients before the finish of 2021. There are brilliant future anticipates KGR.

The KGR cryptographic money accomplishes a superior harmony between market interest as it associates a manufactured resource’s cost flawlessly with the cost of its hidden resource. The KGR token is fundamentally flexible digital money with its objective cost at 1 Japanese Yen adapted to inflations.


  • The cost of KGR can be higher or lower than 1 Yen, be that as it may, the stock is constantly acclimated to meet the objective of 1 Japanese yen (¥). On the off chance that popularity drives the cost higher over 1 Yen, the Himegami protocol will add more inventory making a selling pressure and a ‘rebase’ activity. To circulate the KGR token to the token holders, the framework would have the option to give 100,000 tokens for each rebase then sell it on open trades following a first-come-first-serve rule. The unsold tokens in the day will be singed. This strategy was carried out in smart contracts. This makes KGR a one-of-its-sort digital currency with such adaptability and supply versatility.


The Himegami Protocol Token ( KGR)

The initial release number: 170,000,000 KRG

The initial distribution number: 6,000,000 KRG

  • Kagura token is a yen peg currency with KGR as a symbol. Convert 1KGR as 1 yen.

The Governance Token (OMK Token)

Symbol: OMK

Total number of issues: 100,000,000 OMK

・Adopts a total issuance method without additional issuance.

・It is a governance token of Yamato Bank and a shareholder of Yamato Bank’s earnings.

・The full amount will be distributed by airdrop to the initial KGR participants.

・Distribution of Yamato Bank sales started in March 2021

Distribution method

・50,000,000 OMK will be distributed to KGR token holders

・30,000,000 OMK will be distributed to liquidity providers that contribute KGR pool on Uniswap

sUKH tokens

Token name: sUKHI


Total number of issues:(500,000,000-BUKH)

The current number of issues:


UKH token that allows you to receive the sales of Shinobi wallet as a dividend.

Adopted a mechanism to deflate the number of tokens with the (owner) right token at the time of DAO transition of Shinobi wallet.

You can swap to bUKH 1:1.

bUKH tokens

Token name: bUKHI


Maximum number of issues: (500,000,000-sUKH)

Current number of issues:(Get from the smart contract)


The value is supported by the UKH tokens in circulation and the KGR, which is the core asset of the Himegami protocol.

You can get various benefits in your wallet by holding or consuming it.

You can swap to sUKH 2:1.


The Yamato Bank means to be the clearest national bank on the planet. Its job is to ease and fix the market dispersion volume of KGR. The control right now is programmed change by a shrewd agreement, and there is zero chance that it very well may be overseen by activity.

Besides, one of the destinations is to develop into a stage that can thoroughly acknowledge the different requirements of DeFi, which remains later on, exclusively by Yamato Bank. Keeping that in mind, we intend to offer the accompanying types of assistance fixated on KGR.

  • Lending platform


Shinobi Wallet is a “wallet + Defi aggregator” application from Japan. It provides users with one-stop assets management service. We aim to become the world’s largest staking transaction company. In addition, because Shinobi Wallet has a mechanism to issue unique tokens, users can receive profits by using this wallet. We developed the best UX by gathering all transaction functions which indicate different needs of users in Defi projects such as Uniswap, Compound.

Along with becoming a minor and international incomprehensive DeFi gateway, security is carefully considered. It is the first wallet in Asia that keeps users completely anonymous by account mixing. Of course, the cost of transactions is low, so it is easy for anyone to use.



The automatic rebasing protocol means tackling the issue of monstrous vacillations in liquidity and instability by making it more unsurprising and compensating for all interested parties. This permits us to situate Himegami in the current crypto ecosystem as well as make an entirely different host of utilizations for it in the private DeFi environments of tomorrow that many haven’t been pondered at this point.

For information about this project you can visit the following links:

website: https://himegamiprotocol.org

Telegram Group: https://t.me/himegamiprotocol

Twitter: https://twitter.com/himegami_pro

Medium: https://himegamiprotocol.medium.com/

Github https://github.com/HimegamiProtocol

WhitePaper: — https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_7HWMxg7txliig-DFtiRiZH-z4KrWD3K/view


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- bUKH address:(go to your Shinobi Wallet):0x9E60CE9D62576E0D544E5F37A416DBd4E8E9b6dC

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