ISSUAA PROTOCOL: Next-generation Defi protocol for derivatives of real-world and crypto-assets on the blockchain


Blockchain innovation and digital forms of money can change the existence of countless unbanked individuals worldwide to the positive. Other than the likelihood to execute and get instalments without having a ledger just as to set aside cash without dreading swelling and government impedance, the chance to put resources into different resource classes like values, stock lists, items, bonds and crypto resources would open up the opportunity for some to contribute at fundamentally higher long haul returns and to expand chances.

Be that as it may, right now this chance is inaccessible. Concentrated arrangements, with a caretaker securing the separate resources, are hard to acknowledge as security laws in many nations would not permit them without the issuance of plans, KYC strategies and so forth

Decentralized arrangements then again have so far experienced the high unpredictability of a portion of these resources. To ensure that decentrally gave subsidiary items, which reflect the worth of a hidden resource, stay dissolvable at some random time, these resources must be essentially over-collateralized. A model here is Synthetix, which requires a collateralization proportion of 600%. This, be that as it may, altogether restricts the profits for financial backers which help to support the issuance of these subsidiary resources.

One more huge issue with the current frameworks, for example, Synthetix is the dangers related to adding resources for the framework. On the off chance that engineered resources are stamped, someone needs to take the opposite position — this job is being taken by the financial backers. In principle, the danger could be broadened and counterbalanced by long and short positions. Notwithstanding, in all actuality, this isn’t the situation. While there are ways of counterbalancing these dangers, they require extra ventures, which will additionally decrease returns. As a general rule, Synthetix financial backers which have given resources for the framework would have lost cash as of late, if this would not have been counterbalanced by marking rewards, which anyway need to run out over the long run.

These are the major reason why the team of this project put their together to solve these prevalent issues in the crypto and enhance the crypto community for major adoption and make the technology worth investing in.


The ISSUAA protocol is intended to tokenize genuine world and crypto resources like stocks or stock lists, items or crypto resources on a public blockchain. The ISSUAA protocol and smart contracts run on the polygon blockchain and require USD stable coins for the Minting of ISSUAA resources and giving liquidity. The protocol is completely decentralized, without the need to trust any unified broker. The essential idea driving the ISSUAA protocol is the plan to give synthetic resources consistently as a couple. While minting new resources, the client will escrow a fiat fixed stable coin. Consequently, the client will get a couple of synthetic resources: A long token, which reflects the worth turn of events and cost of the fundamental resource, just as a short token, which reflects the advancement of the hidden resource contrarily. This implies that if the cost of the hidden resource increments by 1 USD, the long token will acquire 1 USD in esteem while the short token will lose 1 USD in esteem. The adjustment of the worth of the two resources joined does subsequently not change. The hidden resources will subsequently remain completely financed, regardless of which bearing the cost of the hidden resource creates.

How ISSUAA work


The framework will be administered by an administration token, the ISSUAA Protocol Token (IPT) and is set up as a decentralized independent association (DAO). IPT will be given to financial backers which give liquidity in the ISSUAA resource market sets and for taking an interest in voting measures. The pace of issuance is subject to the delta between the measure of gave tokens also the maximum. supply, which sums to 100m IPT. Furthermore, IPT will likewise be given to financial backers who add liquidity to the IPT/ USD stable coin LP pool on ISSUAA. This prize instrument is intended to draw in as much capital as rapidly as could be expected, as we accept that this will fundamentally expand the engaging quality of the framework what’s more, accordingly the worth of the IPT token.

The worth of the IPT token will result from charges, which are created from exchanging subordinate ISSUAA resources. These charges are secured in the shrewd agreement of ISSUAA. To get to these assets, IPT tokens can be singed. Considering that the expenses per token are set to expand continually and ascend with each exchange of ISSUAA resources, it will anyway be exceptionally improbable that financial backers decided to consume IPT tokens in bigger volumes as the market cost ought to no doubt surpass the worth of the secured expenses.


Total supply-100m

Financial backers/LPs are compensated with exchange charges, yet in addition with week by week allowed ISSUAA convention tokens (IPT)

Early LP suppliers will benefit most from truly ideal dissemination/rewards plans

Cash Flow connected and esteem bearing administration token (IPT)

Fair dispatch: by far most of IPTs is allowed week after week (3% of not gave IPT Volume) to Liquidity suppliers and local area members in administration votings.


Providing subordinates with true resources on the blockchain, ISSUAA will ensure financial backers the chance to buy different resource classes. Intended to be miles in front of its rivals, this DeFi protocol and commercial centre will offer capital-proficient, cutting edge, and manufactured resources with a reasonable upper hand over a portion of different protocols.

Scattering over-collateralization through short and long pools, ISSUAA endeavours to give financial backers an okay liquidity arrangement structure.

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