KINESIS: A new way to store gold and silver and earn a yield through Blockchain Innovation platform.

The Kinesis is ready to turn into a huge supper power in the worldwide multibillion-dollar markets. It is a groundbreaking financial framework that digitalizes the worth of gold, silver, and digital currency into spendable cash. Kinesis bloomed out of the Allocated Bullion Exchange, which began as an Australian gold and silver actual bullion stockpiling organization in 2011. By joining blockchain innovation with the longstanding reliability of gold and silver bullion, Kinesis addresses an option in contrast to questionable fiat monetary forms.

The Kinesis premise: A financial backer can trade money or digital currency for actual gold or silver and store it in one of the organization’s eight worldwide vaults across four landmasses. They bought gold (KAU) and silver (KAG) are put away at no expense, and the financial backer can without much of a stretch exchange these to other Kinesis individuals or members. Every exchange is recorded utilizing the blockchain as a public record, in this way monitoring who claims the actual gold and silver in the vaults.

The Kinesis framework in this way gives a digital currency, sponsored by valuable metals that will engage the two financial backers and buyers the same. Kinesis can be utilized as a speculation apparatus for those hoping to hold valuable metals safely and conservatively. Kinesis additionally expects to use this framework to offer monetary types of assistance to the underbanked residents of the world for a huge scope. This has specific significance to agricultural nations, where cell phone reception dominates the accessibility of customary financial administrations. An offer in the topline income of the organization can be bought as Kinesis Velocity Tokens (KVTs). A KVT will deliver a profit got from exchange expenses charged by Kinesis. In this manner, Kinesis offers two particular speculation openings: an advanced, effectively adaptable, and secure methodology by which to buy and store valuable metals, and a stake in a conceivably progressive worldwide monetary help (KVT). The capacity to put resources into the organization at this beginning phase gives an interesting speculation opportunity.

Kinesis has presented yield-bearing digital currency standards, put together 1:1 concerning physical, designated, gold and silver. At the point when you buy Kinesis monetary standards, you are all the while designated genuine gold or silver put away safely in one of a few outsider vaults all throughout the world guaranteeing no counterparty hazard. These digital (KAUs addresses the gold-based coin and KAGs addresses silver), can without much of a stretch be spent at retail locations through the Kinesis charge card, permitting clients to make quick and safe exchanges. Holders of Kinesis monetary forms can reclaim the coin and take conveyance of the hidden actual valuable metal ensuring characteristic worth with this cryptographic money.


This complete money related framework envelops with the following features:

  • The Kinesis monetary forms, which can be sent and gotten utilizing the Kinesis eWallet,

Holders of the Kinesis monetary standards have distributed lawful title to the basic actual bullion property so they can trade their monetary standards for actual gold and silver on the off chance that they wish, subject to a base withdrawal sum.

Why is the Kinesis platform different from many of the other gold-backed cryptocurrencies:

  • Kinesis was established by the Allocated Bullion Exchange (ABX); which means it as of now has a broad foundation and innovation set up for the exchange and capacity of actual bullion in 7 areas throughout the planet;


65,000+ KVTs have been sold. KVTs are presently available to be purchased to people in general at USD1,000/KVT. The Kinesis Velocity Token (KVT), which isn’t gold or silver-based money, offers holders a chance to take an offer in 20% of the expenses created from the Kinesis gold and silver-based monetary standards.

Making an easy revenue to members, the KVT is a chance to compensate early adopters and allies proportionately and in unendingness. For more data kindly visit the KVT Explained website page.



Total supply-300000

Token Distribution

70% -Kinesis Community

5% -advisors

9% -Founders & Management

3%- Bounty Campaign

10%- Reserve

3% -ICO Marketing




Kinesis mobile app public launch

Kinesis passes first third party independent metals audit


BTC + USDT added to the Kinesis Exchange

Indonesian integrations go live with POS GO, internal rollout initiative

New Kinesis Exchange interface

Global debit card — virtual


New partner Integration — To be revealed

Stellar specialist development team come online — improve blockchain, Nodes, Core, Explorer

Global virtual debit card mobile platform

Re-branded Minting platform release

New Charts (Trading view)

Updated UI

Improved sign and Verify system

One-click mint withdrawals from Kinesis Money platform to mint

Biometrics added to Kinesis Mobile app

New Kinesis Money platform — new user interface and features

Exchange optimisations and historical chart data

Debit Card deposit facility comes online in exchange and mint


Users can Mint directly to their Kinesis Money accounts

Physical debit card program — USA

Mobile banking wallet and hybrid banking system

New partner Integration — To be revealed

New Kinesis Explorer user interface

New partner Integration — To be revealed

Physical debit card programme — Europe and UK

Physical debit card program — Africa

Yield engine core comes online

Minters Yield the first yield to be activated



US Physical Kinesis VISA card and banking programs launch

Merchant services for debit card deposits

Kinesis Exchange upgrade

Crypto deposit and withdrawal enhancements

KYC identity verification upgrade

KEM launch — the Kinesis Emerald token launched in partnership with Seabury Asset Management


Yield Engine and 1st yield comes online: Minter’s Yield deployed

UK & EU physical Kinesis VISA card and banking program launch

Kinesis white label banking application development

New Kinesis website rollout


Kinesis Money platform CSV trade exports

Holding statement

Account balance statement

UK & EU Kinesis Visa card launch

Blockchain explorer enhancements

Holder’s yield deployed

Additional cryptocurrency listings


Mint to Kinesis Money platform USD auto-withdrawal

Additional yields deployed

Additional Fiat and Crypto listings

Additional debit card regions brought online

Full Kinesis Mint integration into Kinesis Money System

Mint transaction reporting integration into Kinesis Money System


Kinesis is the most practical approach to buy and possess completely apportioned actual gold and silver. All bullion is carefully addressed for moment access.

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