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Across the world today, around 12% of the worldwide populace are living with incapacity. Notwithstanding, there is no particular online commercial centres where you can purchase or sell utilized and new items and services for the crippled, old and rehabilitation. In existing commercial centres, the item things for the crippled are regularly assembled under the “various”. The market is extremely divided and regularly it requires broad pursuit on a platform before these things are found.

Being wheelchair-bound, it is extremely challenging to track down such countless kinds of items and services like accommodation, travel, portability support things promptly accessible as the new or second hand in one source. Numerous inns and inns that express that they have wheelchair consistent convenience scarcely fit a wheelchair when entering the restroom and numerous the bed statures are a lot higher than the normal wheelchair sitting tallness, entryways have handles, not handles and open frontwards and so forth This isn’t just the situation for the disabled yet additionally the old for which the numbers are expanding with individuals living longer and longer every year. As a result of this shortcoming, the team of this project has designed a platform that will meet this need.


The Mobilityguru platform was created to help with discovering items and services that are a regular necessity for more than 1.2 billion individuals on the planet. Regardless of whether you need to discover a vehicle or individual consideration expert or wheelchair or handicap agreeable convenience while on vacation, this is an ideal platform that you can found them.

The Mobilityguru group set up a site in addition to discussion and for the most part without cost publicizing to advance the purchase/offer of any items and services in this industry. Throughout the next few months, they will carry numerous imaginative and energizing improvements to their individuals and users. Mobilityguru dreams that each individual has a glad and autonomous life.

The significant point of the Mobilityguru project is to improve and coordinate the whole market into one basic online market platform. The platform will make purchasing and selling exercises simpler for the handicapped, old and rehab community. They will likewise coordinate a straightforward and secure value-based framework with the guide of cryptographic forms of money and blockchain innovation.

The platform Token will be founded on the BEP-20 network and it will be named MobilityGuru Token. They will work with a smooth and adaptable commercial centre across the globe. To support the projected development, draw in expected financial backers, work with advertising and dispatching of the innovation, MobilityGuru will set out on an IEO undertaking to raise $4,000,000 million before the finish of 2021.


The Mobilitygur target markets are as follow:


Flexible Payment System

Purchasers and dealers are permitted to execute in with various cryptographic forms of money consequently expanding the degree of adaptability in an exchange.

Protection of Data

The blockchain innovation will be to secure purchasers’ and dealers’ information.

Rating System

Purchasers will want to rate merchants as well as the other way around dependent fair and square of their satisfiability.

Interactive Platform

MobilityGuru offers an intuitive platform and drawing in devices that will furnish clients with a consistent encounter on the platform.

User Support

Other than depending on smart contracts to prevent clients from acting untrustworthily, MobilityGuru will likewise offer help to purchasers and dealers to guarantee that the platform is liberated from any type of false exercises particularly when conflict happens between the two players.

Token Governance

There is a five-part team that will oversee the Token significant dynamic. The main member of the team will be Anthony, Kean, Jason, Gihan, and Jordan. The five colleagues will be chosen every year from that point by the main 9 symbolic holders. This administration won’t impact or endanger any corporate decision making.

community Friendly Service

To consistently further develop the MobilityGuru platform and guarantee a superior client experience, The MobilityGuru will think about significant remarks from the community members.

Safe Platform

MobilityGuru platform is protected to work with because merchants possibly get compensated when the purchasers affirm the acknowledgement of the items and services and the platform additionally offers a rating framework for the two players in this way permitting them to post how they feel about each exchange.


MobilityGuru token is the authority coin of the MobilityGuru platform. The token will be founded on the BEP-20 network. It will be recorded on various trades and the worth will be shown continuously dependent on the pace of fruition of an exchange. The worth of the MobilityGuru Token can likewise be changed over to fiat monetary standards like USD, EUR, and others.

The MobilityGuru token can likewise be traded with other cryptographic forms of money, for example, Bitcoin, Ethereum accordingly permitting clients to partake in a consistent instalment measure during exchanges. Clients will want to work together utilizing any digital currency coin permitted on the MobilityGuru platform.


Token Name: MobilityGuru

Token Ticker: GURU

Total Supply: 200,000,000

Token Value: $0.05


The MobilityGuru (GURU) IEO is ONGOING on the ExMarkets exchange platform. You can visit the platform make your contributions.

Price: $0.05 #USDT

Bonus: 15%




I for one track down that this is an extraordinary project, the ecosystem and plan of action both merit taking support in, I figure individuals will before long utilize it, can hardly wait for their application release. Their solid team and dependable thought make this project so amazing.

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