The Identity coin (MYID) is a part of “ The Money project created by the OkGlobal Coin Switch. It is a unique project designed by Tagging/Wrapping technology that aims to eliminate risks from loss or theft. It is first of its kind. MYID Coins are at present an Ethereum erc20 token, however, will move to its interesting block because of the usefulness furthest reaches of Ethereum. The Ethereum was picked to dispatch the MYID Coin ICO to guarantee similarity without breaking a sweat of access for the overall population to partake in the ICO offering. MYID coins, in the wake of moving to its interesting blockchain, will be working in an algorithmic lattice with OkGlobal Coin and might be utilized for other blockchain resources.

A utility coin that is utilized for tagging cryptographic block with one of a kind proprietor distinguishing code. For the good of straightforwardness, it implies that later on your data will be labelled on the coins you buy.

Eventually, this dramatically diminishes the odds of any misfortune and burglary across the worldwide blockchain economy which might save millions or even billions of dollars around the world.


In the past, the rate at which a lot of crypto user loss their tokens or coins are very alarming. Now My Identity Coin has come to put an end to this problem. As a result, the importance of this great can’t be overemphasized across the cryptocurrency community and the world in general. This will help to reduce the rate at which Crypto users lost their tokens due to their negligence and also reduce theft and unnecessary confiscation. Solving this problem will have help to increase crypto adoption across the world by building confidence in crypto users.


MY IDENTITY Coins ( MYID) are being offered through an initial coin offering (ICO) dispatching on December 27th, 2020. The ICO will come to an end on 25th of February 2021 when the hard cap of 50,000 Ethereum is reached.

The current stockpile is 100 billion Coins. 40% is saved for the group and mission members of “The Money Project”. The excess 60% will be offered available to be purchased to people in general. Continues from the ICO and future deals will be utilized to make and make sure about/keep up the innovation and stage for MYID Coin.


Let take advantage of this great opportunity to invest in the great that will turn around the adoption of crypto across the crypto community and the world in general. Your contribution will go a long way to help the team to actualize this great Idea. The team is well able to make this project great. I have researched about the team of the project and they are highly professional in the field of their endeavour.

You can also help to promote this project to create more awareness and you will earn from doing it. For information about this project, you can visit their website or their social media.

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