About Savix Defi

Savix Defi is an easy to use Defi for everyone which is built to use the Ethereum blockchain technology for multiple passive incomes for the holders of its token (SVX). With the Savix virtual money is currently accessible interestingly, which makes it conceivable to benefit from marking rewards while keeping the token opened and liquid, uninhibitedly accessible for use in some other Defi products simultaneously.

Savix Defi platform uses Protocol Embedded Staking (PES) to anchor in the fundament code of the token which doesn’t require any express control or setting off by the client or the user to initial. All wallets holding Savix tokens consequently and for all time participate in the marking cycle. Allegorically talking, all wallets property Savix tokens consistently get a sort of interest being suggestive of the antiquated investment funds book offered somewhat recently, a reserve funds book, however, which simultaneously might be utilized as security for a dynamic online financier. An Implication to this, the cash token’s name “Savix came” into reality.

In the nearest future, the generally twofold compensating conceivable outcomes of Savix will be reached out to significantly increase and by that time Savix Three parted will add another compensating layer letting Savix holders take part in move charges created by the Uniswap liquidity pool(s). All the choices of producing easy revenue utilizing Savix will be coordinated into the Savix Defi dashboard. The Defi dashboard will engage Savix holders to put their Savix tokens into a huge number of Defi items with a solitary snap. Savix will be the best insurance coin for decentralized finance (Defi) that is providing total contributing adaptability and numerous moderate revenue streams simultaneously.


The Savix defi platform is the updated collateral for decentralized finance which investors can rely on because of the following reasons:


As Protocol Embedded Staking (PES) permits total accessibility of token utilization in other Defi items or products, prizes can be “multiplied” utilizing Savix. In this sense, marking rewards are an additional Layer of automated revenue. The impending liquidity motivation program “Three parted” will offer Savix holders another particular extra revenue source.


savix is viable with any Ethereum based Defi project. The Savix coins can be utilized like all standard ERC20 tokens for mining, loaning, yield farm, mining, and so on, while constantly yielding extra marking tokens to holders.


Savix Staking is implanted inside standard ERC20 move works and is completely mechanized and 100% inactive with no requirement for client choices or associations to get rewards.


Savix sources are open. All program codes and contracts are made accessible through Github and can be examined and tried by anyone. Because of single contract sending, any control of the contract rationale or most extreme stockpile is inconceivable, with no stamping of extra coins. Marking rewards are completely straightforward and unsurprising.


Savix protocol installed marking uniformly change all adjust as per the implanted inventory advancement bend. No inclination at all is given to a particular holder. All wallets are treated similarly, free of equilibriums, exchange volume or other parameters.


With the help of Savix there isn’t any prize delivering occasions toward the finish of locking periods which could create recurrent dumps. Except for market reasons selling Savix is never simpler or more beneficial at a particular point on schedule, making less instability.


With the help of Savix you stay autonomous because the tokens consistently stay liquid while acquiring rewards and can be openly moved or put resources into Defi items.


  • protocol embedded staking


  • ETH and Savix from the Uniswap fee share

This triple revenue stream is conceivable through Savix interesting marking protocol as it were

Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)

The Savix project patterned with the Exmarkets exchange platform. The IEO is currently ongoing in the Exmarkets and Latoken exchange. The presale phase 1 has just been completed a couple of days ago. You can visit the platform to find how you can invest in a great potential project.

Token Distribution & Budget Allocation

● 5% Initial Public Presale

● 20% IEO Launchpad

● 40% Unicrypt Presale

● 20% Uniswap Liquidity (Public Sale)

● 7% Ecosystem Fund

● 3% Bounty Program

● 5% Team


● 36% Uniswap Liquidity

● 7% Ecosystem Fund

● 30% Further Development

● 17% Marketing

● 10% Reserve

Token Details:

● Ticker: SVX

● Platform: Ethereum

● Token Type: ERC-20

● Available for sale: 70,000 SVX (70%)

● Total supply: 100,000 SVX

● IEO Price: 1 SVX = 0.0166 ETH

● Accepting: ETH

● Bonuses: 20% Discount


Savix defi platform is a unique platform that is here to change the way we earn through decentralized finance. Is here to change the Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) which do not permit you to earn passive income from several Defi products at once. With Savix protocol embedded staking, you can earn in multiple ways with just a click. This is the best defi project of the year.

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