StartFi: The Best NFT Platform for Digital Content Creators

StartFi is a fresh out of the box new platform custom-made fundamentally for NFT markets. StartFi offers to enable NFT makers, purchasers, and merchants a completely secure chance to claim and partake in the steadily changing powerful NFT markets.

The StartFi is focused on a multi-chain future. The platform will support Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Polygon, Solana (SOL) and Nervous Network (CKB). The StartFi is a completely decentralized non-fungible token (NFT) platform that empowers NFT creators or makers to make special advanced resources and sell them through Initial NFT Offerings (INOs). As a content maker or creator, you can mint one of a kind NFTs for resources like digital art, video music, and so on.

NFT holders can support and promote their number one artists, arrange or partake in fan parties and draw in similar people in other imaginative activities. Consequently, you will get prizes and income partakes as the platform’s native token, STFI.

It’s not just of the buying/selling NFT, but with MCNs support, Creators incubation and Digital Copyrights Management utilizing NFT.

What makes StartFi platform different from other NFT platforms?

The NFT platform is set to overhaul the digital resources monetization space. Here are the major features that make StartFi genuinely exceptional from other platforms:

  • It is a decentralized platform that enables the NFT ecosystem and unites content makers and fans.

StartFi Token (STFI)

STFI is the native token of the startfi platform. It will be utilized generally in all exchanges, Launchpad and Rewards.

Uses of the startfi token:


As the project developed, several types of staking pools as per tiers will be available in future.


Fans who hold the $STFI token will actually want to take an interest in deciding in favour of a new proposition, add new provisions, and supporting makers on the platform.


Token holders will acquire prizes from Pools conveyance income and NFT exchange expenses.

Transaction Fees

All the platform charges and exchanges will use the $STFI token as it were.

STFI Token Distributions

Token Sales

StartFinance (StartFi) has finished its seed and private funding rounds with an aggregate sum of $1.4M.

The Startfi Total supply token is 100,000,000STFI

Using Of Raised Fund:

Liquidity and Exchanges

30% of the raised asset will be utilized for liquidity and exchanges.

Company Expansion

20% of the raised asset will be utilized for licenses and local extension.


40% of the raised asset will be utilized for item improvement.

Legal & Listing

10% of the raised asset will be utilized for Legal and Exchange Listing costs.


The StartFi is on its central goal to build a far-reaching platform that incorporates a powerful NFT commercial centre just as an impending platform that takes into account the always changing launchpad and lauchpools. This project has an exceptionally solid advancement team, I especially accept that they will succeed massively with this project

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