TAPMYDATA (Take Your Data back)

On the planet today, individuals are progressively worried about their information and online characters as a result of consistent data bridge in the recent time: 78% accept organizations get the best an incentive from information trade, and 65% that they have lost control of their information. Trust has been gravely harmed.

The Tapmydata arrangement is a structure of apparatuses, record and decentralized convention for individuals to recover their computerized character, solidify remarkable, confirmed components of assent in an NFT and give another, straightforward channel for authentic counterparties to mix information and trade esteem. It is designed to use the Ethereum blockchain.

The mission of Tapmydata is to give individuals control of their information and influence aggregate organization in how it’s utilized, regardless of whether to share or get their bit of a market worth $325Bn yearly. This structures a basic mainstay of the new trust economy that is supplanting the information storehouses of The Old Web.


People should be permitted to alter their perspective that will include the greatest victors of the current framework. The issue with how information is being utilized and abused in the recent time driving force of development for Web 1 and 2 is redlining, in genuine peril of detonating.

The GDPR, CCPA and comparable guidelines in nations across the world, from Brazil, through India to Japan have upped the ante on fines and introduced a culture of the case for penetrates and abuse of assent.

Controllers, sponsors and distributors are outgunned; they can’t deal with the horde of players, middle people and potential troublemakers who catch, control and bring in cash from purchaser information.


The Tapmydata team has been observing and researching for solutions that will bring lasting solutions to those problems mentioned above.

Tapmydata has a high level, strong information rights arrangement and channel for associations to reconstruct trust with residents — safely, straightforwardly and with Privacy by Design — the first of its sort around the world.

We have a demonstrated ability to convey buyer grade innovation that works dependably, with Privacy by Design and utilizing the public blockchain as an assertion of record.

Covering PrivTech, crypto and information trade, our administration group is knowledgeable about establishing, developing and leaving organizations across the tech range. Our experts unite the aptitudes to take groundbreaking thoughts from origination through MVP to conveyance on a spry premise.


The Tapmydata has a capable team that will drive this project to have success in the crypto community. They are highly professionals in the field of their endeavour. Before now, they have developed this project to a great extent that can prove their professionalism and commitment. At this point, they need our support for this project to completely develop into fullness by our contributions either by promotions or contributing to the IEO. The importance of this project across the world can’t overemphasize.

For more information about this project, you can visit their website.

Website: https://tapmydata.com/

Telegram Group: https://t.me/tapmydataofficial

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