As an accomplished Blockchain and crypto devotee, the solitary thing that I have discovered so trusted is coding. Coding never lies and whenever it’s sent it can never change how it performs capacities. The best undertakings in crypto are the ones that give 100 per cent trustless protocol and demonstrate that reality with complete code straightforwardness. This is actually what Magic Balancer provides, this is their centre conviction and the solitary way The Magic Balancer will at any point discharge protocols.

What is Magic Balancer

The Magic Balancer is a blockchain innovation based platform intended to use the Binance and Ethereum smart contract with the end goal of supportability and boost its worth by being deflationary and urging clients to be dynamic by offering uncommon prizes.

The Magic Balancer is a deflationary administration DEFI token that gives outstanding prizes to dynamic clients utilizing smart contract protocol, while consistently consolidating conditional awards with liquidity rebalancing highlights.

All the Enchantment Balancer protocol is intended to be 100% trustless that require no human association to keep them running. This ensures that all of Magic Balancer’s protocol can run consistently and never be shut somewhere near the eventual outcome of human intervention. This is like manner suggests that as an emblematic holder you never need to place your trust in any human regardless.


  • The Magic Balancer (MGB) charges a 1 per cent exchange expense and reallocates that charge to existing MGB holders right away and naturally at the hour of every exchange.
  • Another unique feature of the Magic Balancer (MGB) smart contract is that permit certain addresses like that of Uniswap pool or trade wallets to be hindered from procuring charges.
  • Therefore, 100% of the charges created go to holders of the token. The level of charges you procure is determined by the level of MGB that you own among the holders. This creates a lot better return than would somehow be conceivable.
  • There is no team or focal centralized party that needs to grant the charges. There is no interface to guarantee the charges. No activity needs to be taken on your part other than to hold MGB in a wallet you control.

The Magic Balancer Token ( $MGB)

The MGB’s core repairman guarantees that its uniswap cost is continually expanding in value (Accepting Business sector pressures are nonpartisan). This is finished by briefly eliminating a bit of liquidity from the MGB/ETH pair, market purchasing MGB with the ETH, at that point consuming the sum of the leftover MGB. Rebalancing the Uniswap MGB/ETH pair and raising the estimation of MGB corresponding to ETH. This token is planned explicitly to be incorporated into Necromancer’s community.

Functions of the MGB Token

The token has two major functions:

The Function A

The 1 per cent added to liquidity on sells, purchases and txn’s ~ this permits the community to continually have the liquidity to execute function B

LP Rewards

  • Any time function B is called, all MGB from function A is appropriated to LP providers.
  • All you need to do to get these prizes is give liquidity.

When MagicSwap is released

  • All expense goes to a location to later be added to MGB/rETH in MagicSwap

The Function B

Liquidity Buy and Burn

This function opens up once an hour and can be called by anybody.

Guest of the function will get 5 per of the MGB for the impetus to burn through Gas. (1 per cent for BSC)

At the point when the function is called:

  • 2 per cent of liquidity is eliminated
  • the liquidity is then part into ETH and MGB
  • ETH market buys MGB
  • 95 per cent of the MGB is then burned
  • 5 per cent of MGB shipped off the guest of the function (to boost client spending gas, for BSC 1 per cent)

To consider the function the guest or caller must hold at least 200 MGB

THE MGB TOKEN Benefit Systems Model

  • Example (if 150ETH @ $1500.00 raised in presale)
  • $157,500 ~ 70% Liquidity On Listing
  • 2% LP Removed $3,150
  • Split Into ~ $1,575 ETH & $1,575 MGB
  • 5% Of MGB Sent To Caller ~ $78,75
  • ETH Swaps For MGB~ $1,575
  • 90% Of MGB Burned ~ $2,835
  • Value Added (from example above)
  • $1,575 Eth Market Buy ~ $2,835 MGB Burned
  • $3,150 Total Capital Rebalanced

This is details from just a solitary buyback, buybacks can occur up to 24 times per day.(with at least 200 MGB

The Magic Balancer Token Launch

The token has been launched and is currently on sale. The sale is currently ongoing on the company website ( to take an interest just associate your Metamask, enter the measure of ETH you wish to send and click buy. MGB tokens will be in a flash returned through our presale contract. Metamask is liked, don’t utilize trade accounts. There is no minimum you can buy and the maximum you can buy is 3 ETH-30BNB.

There is a 10 per cent referral reward distributed quickly through a presale contract. Snap the referral button on the Presale area and duplicate your referral link (required to interface with wallet)

Tokenomics for ETH Chain

300,000 MGB — Total Supply

150,000 MGB — Presale

85,000 MGB — Initial Liquidity

35,000 MGB — Marketing, Promotions and Community Engagement.

30,000 MGB — Team Tokens

Presale — 1 ETH = 999 MGB ($1,5 *)

Presale Max Buy = 3 ETH ($4,500*)

Initial Listing — 1 ETH = 799 MGB ($1.88*) ~ %25 higher than presale

Presale Hardcap = 30 ETH ($45,000*)

70% ETH (21 ETH — $31,500*) provided towards liquidity.

20% ETH (6 ETH — $9,000*) provides future development, partnerships, marketing, community building, cex listing and

expanding team.

10% ETH (3 ETH — $4,500*) presale referral rewards.

*based on ETH price of $1500.00

Tokenomics for BSC

300,000 MGB — Total Supply

150,000 MGB — Presale

85,000 MGB — Initial Liquidity

35,000 MGB — Marketing, Promotions and Community Engagement.

30,000 MGB — Team Tokens

Presale — 1 BNB = 99 MGB ($2,5 *)

Presale Max Buy = 30 BNB ($7,500*) ~ No min amount

Initial Listing — 1 BNB = 79 MGB ($3,16*) ~ %25 higher than presale

Presale Hardcap = 300 BNB ($75,000*)

70% BNB (210BNB — $52,500*) provided towards liquidity.

20% BNB (60 BNB — $15,000*) provides future development, partnerships, marketing, community building, cex listing

and expanding team.

10% BNB (30 BNB — $7,500*) presale referral rewards.

  • based on BNB price of $250.00

The Roadmap


The Magic Balancer project is the most ideal choices for decentralized finance in the crypto community today. Considering this venture for speculation is extraordinary compared to other choices you would make this year. See you on top. For more information about the project, you can visit the website and the social media pages.



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