The gaming economy will continue on-chain, Token Tanks is worked around the way of thinking that players should claim in-game resources and be remunerated for their commitment. They accept that hidden NFT utility is found at the convergence among work and play, new games like Token Tanks with play to acquire models will be the primary drivers of the following flood of mass reception of digital currency across the world.


Token Tanks is a multiplayer tank fight game, where your tanks are additionally your genuine resource, they will probably consolidate a vivid yet basic gaming experience and with blockchain innovation — NFTs. They have a portable first concentrate so Token Tanks is accessible to play for anybody, anyplace, whenever.

The underlying assortment will include 10,000 original tanks in a pre-deal mint occasion to elite early community individuals and regarded gaming accomplices. Each Tank is remarkable and each tank is outfitted with two unique weapon packs containing five class-explicit assaults that will recognize execution mechanics that will assist Gunners with overcoming their adversaries.


Tanks are on-chain advanced resources players can gather, arm and fight. Tanks are prepared explicit qualities that decide their style and assault mechanics, the actual appearance of Tanks doesn’t assume a part of ongoing interaction execution. Tank Flags decide the weapon packs prepared, these contain explicit ammo types to decide assault-style, force and impact span, which helps players plan distinctive assault mechanics to overcome their adversaries.

Tanks power an essential round of imaginative gunnery configuration made to be quick to learn, and amusing to dominate. collect Tanks to get to the game anteroom and participate in PVP and PVE fights. Once in the disaster area, select your point, force, and shoot over more than 25 unmistakable weapons at your adversary. The team is fostering an in-house arsenal to construct tanks, test weapons and arm your tanks.


There are five unique weapon pack classes each with five classes still up in the artillery frameworks and every weapon pack has 5 weapons.

  • Shielding (defensive)
  • Reconnaissance (high radius + low impact)
  • Explosive (low radius + high impact)


Power Pack: An all American capability weapon pack that is ensured to arm your tank with cutting edge human ammo to obliterate any adversary.

Energy Pack: Energy-based weaponry that tackles the force of lasers, pillars and lightning strikes that will energize and stun your adversary.

Plasma Pack: A weapons store of superheated matter so hot that electrons are torn away from the iotas framing destructive ionized ordnance.

Atomic or Nuclear Pack: Substance or chemical weapon pack of unrivalled dangerous force, with deadly combination impacts, shock waves and radioactive aftermath.

Quantum Pack: Enchanted weaponization of hyperspatial and sub-nuclear particles with deadly powers that will stifle any foe.



Collect Tanks, are furnished with particular credits, going from tasteful characteristics to execution improving weaponry that helps players plan distinctive assault mechanics to overcome adversaries.

Battle in a turn-based strategic mounted guns game. Deliberately use course and ability to shoot more than 25 distinct weapons and score however much harm as could be expected to win.

Outshoot rivals to overcome them and procure $SHELL. Rank up through battle and become a piece of the local area drove administration.

Game Play

Token Tanks is one of the numerous cycles of the exemplary Artillery game technician, which is close to as old as computer games themselves. The Token Tanks share a natural repairman where players set the direction and force of shots to obliterate adversary tanks.


The Armory is the super working base, where tanks are put away, weapon packs are purchased, ammo (ammunition) is reloaded and new tanks are assembled.


Ammo is Short for ammunition, before conveying your tank for the fight to come you will require Ammo for your weapons. battles are turn-based, comprising of a ten balance shoot between rivals, before each fight big hauliers will require 10 rounds of Ammo to get to the war zone and take part in the battle. You need Ammo to acquire SHELL in the combat zone.


Token Tank Shells (SHELL) are an ERC-20 token, SHELL holders will want to guarantee rewards, construct new tanks, and partake in key administration votes in regards to Token Tank’s future course. In-game, players will gain SHELL through battle triumphs, they will be recovered and remunerated from ammunition shots discharged during fights. The measure of SHELL players can procure from overcoming adversaries in the fight will rely upon the tank’s tactical position, a higher position yields additional SHELL from triumphs. More insights about the measure of SHELL granted per win will be delivered once the symbolic agreements are live.


It is very simple to mint an NFT on Ethereum. All you need is an Ethereum wallet that upholds NFTs. A few instances of wallets that are viable with NFTs are Metamask, Trust Wallet, and Coinbase.


The underlying assortment will include 10,000 original tanks on a mint occasion to early community individuals and regarded gaming accomplices.


TokenTanks is expertise based play-to-procure game based on the Ethereum blockchain. Token Tanks is worked around the way of thinking that players should claim in-game resources and be remunerated for their commitment. Token Tanks project has Modern advances, a decent group, quick elements of improvement. I’m sure that the group will prevail with a particularly genuine way to deal with the project

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